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tv   Global 3000 - The Globalization Program  Deutsche Welle  April 25, 2018 5:30pm-6:00pm CEST

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this policy should never lead us to war in the middle east. be we immersed ensure stability and respect sovereignty of the nations including that one of the around which represents a great civilization that is not replicates past the stakes in the region let us not be naive on one side let us not create new walls ourselves on the other side. absolutely . there is an existing framework called the g. to control the nuclear activity of year round we signed it at the initiative of the united states here we signed it boss the united states and
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france that is why we cannot say we should get rid of its like that. the bad bets it is true to say that this agreement may not address all concerns and very important concerns this is true but we should not abandon its without having something substantial and more substantial instead. that's my position pat that's why france will not leave the g.c.
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theory because we sign be back your president and your country will have to take their current days and weeks it's all responsibilities regarding this issue but what i want to do and what we decided together with your president is that we can work on a more comprehensive deal addressing all of this concern that is why we have to work on this more comprehensive deal baze as discussed was present trump yesterday on four pillars the substance of the existing agreement especially if you decide to leave it the past twenty twenty five per year in order to be sure that we will never have any nuclear activity for iran it's
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a containment of the military influence of the iranian regime in the region and the monitoring of ballastic activity i think this four pillars so wanting address in front of the jurors soundly of the united nations last september are the one which korver the illegitimates fears of the united states and our allies in the region i think we have to start working now on this for people ours to build this new comprehensive deal. and to be sure that whatever the decision of the united states will be we will not leave the floor to the absence of rule we will not leave the floor to this conflicts of powers in middle east we will not fuel our so those and
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increasing tensions and part and show war that's my position and i think we can work together to builds this conference is a deal for the whole region for our people because i think it's very addresses our concerns that my position perhaps and these containments i mention and one of the speed on is necessary in yemen in lebanon in iraq and also in syria building a sustainable peace in not in a united and inclusive syria workwise indeed that all powers in the region
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respect the sovereignty of its people and the diversity of its communities in syria we work very closely together after prohibited weapons were used against the population by the regime of bashar said two weeks ago the united states and france together with the united kingdom acted to destroy chemical facilities and to restore the credibility of the international community this action was one of the best evidence of this strong multilateralism. absolutely and i want to pay special tribute for soldiers because they did
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a very great job in this region and in this occasion. i absolutely beyond this action we will together work for humanitarian solution on the short term on the ground and contribute actively to a lasting political solution to put an end to this tragic conflict and i think one of the very important decision we took together with president trump was precisely to include syria in this large framework for the overall region and to decide to work together and this politic will deal for syria for syrian people even after our war against isis in the center where terrorist networks span
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a footprint as large as europe french and american soldiers are confronting the same enemy and risking their lives together here i would like to pay special tribute to the american soldiers were furloughed this past fall in the region and to their french conference will last the lives early this year in many. better than anyone i think our troops know what the alliance and friendship between all country means absolutely i believe facing all this challenges all these fears all this anger our duty our destiny is to work
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together and to build these new strong military until these i'm. absolutely. distinguished members of congress ladies and gentlemen on paper the twenty first nine hundred sixty genny are the gold affirmed in this chamber that nothing was as important to france as the reason the resolution the friendship of the great people of the united states fifty eight years later to this very day i come here to convey the warmest feelings of the french nation and to tell you that our people cherry's the friendship of the american people with as much intensity as ever.
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absent the united states and the american people are an essential part of our country and since a future in democracy in what women and men can accomplish in this word. when we are driven by high ideals and an unbreakable trust in humanity and progress today the call we hear is a call of history this is a time of determination and courage what witcher ish is at stake what we love is in danger we have no choice but to prevail and together. we shoulda
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prevailed thank you even if it doesn't need them in a long lines of friendship between friends in the united states of america vivi ip oblique view of that pos vive not jaime meth either well thank
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you thank you thank you you. thank
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. thank. you thank. you lou a news a. speech from the emanuel to a joint session of congress. and no washington. in the third day office that state visit to the united states speaking addressing the joint session of the invitation of the house speaker paul ryan. a speech that lasted about an hour and
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one of his main things was freedom he spoke in english of course to push the case for multilateralism and despite yesterday's. call it with president trump it wasn't a day didn't shy away from clashing on some of the big issues like. iran nuclear deal as well as the agreement with me here in the studio is tyson parker he's an analyst at the aspen institute in berlin welcome i'd tyson. what stood out for you well i think we got a name for the speech it's the rendezvous with freedom you know he kind of rooted in the history and spent probably the first third talking about just this as he even called it special relationship between the united states use merits he called it a very special areas especially if that is true it was a bridge. because the british always got about right rational relation with the united states that is a very special that is that is that's true but you know he started out by setting
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kind of a broad term of what he would like to see the us today now and that's not doing one is he doesn't want to see the u.s. withdraw from the world he said you know isolationism is a real threat and we have to remain engaged in the order that we create it and the other thing that he kind of obliquely addressed was the fact that the united states which midwifed this world order this multilateral system has become one of the lead under president at least rhetorically has become one of the lead revisionists powers and he doesn't want to see that happen or at least if it's a revisionism it should be built on the values western values which he mentioned you know tolerance liberty equal rights he made reference to the pluralism that you see in the united states and france the meat to movement minority rights human rights. these values he kind of kept coming back to and then from that values bates he went through in the second half of his speech very similar to
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a state of the union address kind of a laundry list of policy issues that he had but i think what he wearily wanted to do in the beginning was make sure he helped the entire chamber together you know behind his these these principles behind these values the bind the u.s. and france he didn't want the kind of polarizing speech that you sometimes see in the state of union where one side of the chamber the democrats stand up and the republicans remain seated or the other side well the interesting he did manage to avoid the speech very beginning lots of lots of standing ovations right and then it was when he got to climate change correct we still. it's. while the health of the child will stand up and the rest sit down but generally well received the speech yes it was it was quite well received by the entire chamber that's quite a feat i mean in some ways mccall represents an alternative worldview much more cosmopolitan open rooted in rule of law multi-lateralism it's not a populist nativist insular isolationist vision and he brought that into
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a chamber that is actually has a lot of cleavage isn't frictions along these these issues so that was that was quite skilled that said he didn't poke his punches when it came to climate change or to the j p c a way that they deal with iran you know he basically said on the iran for example the united states just like france signed this deal our word is our bond france is not going to go back on its word but what we can do is broaden the aperture to try to include some of the issues that weren't included in the original agreement to try to make this that this joint comprehensive agreement even more comprehensive yes yes exactly and hopefully remain joint you know the big three issues that the trumpet ministration and we're both republicans and democrats and that's the interesting thing about the iran agreement although the democrats any democrats did stand up the iran agreement is is seen as very very skeptically on both sides of the of the aisle people like senator chuck schumer the leader of the democrats in the house is actually was one of the leaders in legislation that required
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certification by the administration every quarter so there is a specially you know pro israeli democrats there is some skepticism this reflects yahoo's view of the deal for example but again president refer it to the right said you know i don't think this is a perfect deal he said that today and he said it in the end in the past but it's a deal fronts signed it we will stick with it but we will try to add these that then the right and he said you know point blank we should abandon this was out with out something better let's bring in. senior correspondent in washington who's also been there watching this thing with us welcome constant what's is what stuck out for you this address by president. i found it very interesting that in spite of all the rhetoric about the deep bonds between france and the united states obviously it's also more than rhetoric it's
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also historic fact at least for most of the way but in spite of that when it came to substance basically this was a massive rebuke of the agenda in many ways of course mccraw made sure he said some nice words about trump once again he said a lot of nice things about the relationship between france and the united states and he also pointed out the many areas where fronds europe and the united states actually agree for instance when it comes to. the situation in north korea when it comes to the goal that iran should not have nuclear weapons when it comes to terrorism but then on so many other issues once again. against nationalism against isolationism arguing in favor of a multilateral approach of global liberal all of the framework that as he said the
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americans invented after world war two he said you shouldn't leave that also on climate change as you already discussed and also on the question of how to deal with iran so basically his his when he when he talked about policy everything he said was the opposite to want donald trump has been advocating for the last two years or so. let me bring in the issue also introduced quite strong dates of privacy laws which america is sort of falling behind on. talked about protecting citizens previously and dates and this was the first this was the second reference to the e.u. when he said that the e.u. and the u.s. should cooperate to find a solution which i don't like interesting the fact that he was putting the e.u. on a pause. with the united states comes. also . in
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a more general way when he says europe and the united states must face the challenges of the twenty first century together this new emerging world all of which we don't know how it will look like in the mid-term or in the long term so clearly he saw himself here as an ambassador not only of france of course he was the messenger of france first and foremost but also he was the messenger of europe and he made clear that many of the things he talked about the values. focus on a multilateral approach are indeed things that europe agrees on and europe wants the united states to stay with europe on these issues which the united states have done for most of the last seventy years or so but of course under trump at least as the impression that this is now in doubt tyson baka here with me in berlin from the
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aspen institute the other european reference was when it came to climate change he made the obligatory reference to the future of our children and i grandchildren saying that there is no plan it's be still very much pushing the line that america you are to stand with the rest of the world right it was it was a pretty aggressive line you know and started by saying we all wanted a habitable planet twenty five years for our children and grandchildren and that was an applause line that actually got the republicans who are notoriously climate skeptic to stand up but then he went he didn't pull any punches you know he's a climate change is real again you guys signed up to agreement and he kind of twisted the knife a little bit saying you know he is tom fitton that the u.s. will rejoin the terrorists agreement at some point and obviously that didn't sit well with a lot of members of that body but i think on. on the privacy point you brought up just to go back to very briefly two things one is recognizing a digital world order is almost the world order in and of itself and that's kind of
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my crohn's brand right this kind of future oriented leaders speaking in english for example and the pride that he took in europe status protection regulation you know you took pride in this technocratic piece of bread elation also talked about artificial intelligence which is very important especially in the united states the top five countries companies new night it's are all tech companies and they're leading the way in artificial intelligence obviously they're leading the way in social media this is the place to deliver that message and it's interesting that you made that point you talked about europe in the united states moving together on that when of course the united states is so much father ahead the new europe issue i mean europe has the data protection laws but in terms of the developments of the technology it's all the us for that he said you know we need to balance innovation and ethics so it's you can you can lead to do it or we'll look at it well you know with the debates we get exactly how do we balance those two two things that he didn't mention he did mention facebook of course but he didn't mention explicitly
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russia or china at any point in the speech which is i think also interesting to note a custom phenomena in washington on nuclear proliferation he sort of he sweeten the pill he after talking about climate change and how he was against much of what america was doing he'd been sweet the pill to talk about how france supports the u.s. policy towards north korea and that the move towards denuclearization. yeah absolutely it was very clever i mean basically the first part of the speech was all about how france and united states belong together in the middle pointed out all the things where he does not agree with the current us administration on substance and in the third part then he tried to balance it again and yet said basically clearly stated that europe and france was the united states when it comes to the goal of making sure that the situation on the north korea and the korean
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peninsula is stabilized and that korean peninsula is nuclearized and on iran also the goal seems is clear for europeans and the americans iran should not have nuclear weapons period and that was pretty clear again of course. when it comes to the point one how to do this and how to improve the situation there. major differences and he pointed that out as well. clearly he did this in the very clever way and this is why also he got those standing ovations from both sides and long standing ovations even though as we mentioned on some issues like climate change and when it comes to the question of the international order he got some more and more spontaneous applause from the democratic side of the aisle in many ways this was
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a speech that many democrats would like to hear from the american president because of all naaman in washington thank you so much that is we'll speak again later tyson back here with me in berlin thank you as well so you've just been watching emmanuel mccraw addressing a joint session of the u.s. congress federally to speak to lawmakers on capitol hill more than a decade he praised close ties between the u.s. and france going back hundreds of years calling it a very special relationship. he stressed the two countries shad democratic values economic academic and cultural links as well the president also has strong words of warning the british and international allies including france on my last i need to work together even more closely to confront current global threats he criticised rampaging nationalism and isolationism and said the liberal after the second world war could be severely undermined if the u.s. and its allies failed to act together. we'll have more at the top of the hour
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you're watching the news my from brother of the.
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this is the double years lie from president emanuel mccraw address a joint session of the u.s. congress speaking of the shared history especially for us french relations because of macro calls for international call for action to protect the product and urge the united states not to abandon the iran nuclear to bring you full analysis from washington also album.


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